How hard water is affecting your hair.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Have you ever noticed your hair feels super soft after showering on holiday? Here is why!

What's hiding in our water?

Hard water contains excess amounts of calcium and magnesium which mix with your hair products to form a salt. The salt that is formed leaves a residue on your scalp and hair, which blocks your scalp from absorbing the moisturizer from the conditioner. As a result, your hair gets dry, tangled and leads to breakage.


How hard is your water?

The amount of minerals in water differs throughout the country. Water tends to be more hard in the south and east of the UK, and softer in Wales, the west of England and north west Scotland.


So what can we do about it?

Thankfully there are lot's of things we can do to prevent the harsh affects hard water has on our hair. Here are some of my favourite tips for keeping your hair, and your water soft.

Invest in a shower filter.

Shower filters are the quickest and most affective way of preventing further build up of hard water minerals on our hair. They don't have to be super expensive either, there are some good options on amazon that do the job and fit most shower hoses.

Ask your hairstylist about treatments to remove buildup.

In salon treatments such as Malibu C crystal gel and hard water wellness are a perfect way of detoxifying the hair. They remove the hard water buildup while maintaining moisture and restore the hairs vibrancy and softness.

Bonus: The Malibu C ranges are also completely vegan and non-toxic!


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