OLAPLEX - Why is it so amazing?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Over the past few years Olaplex has become a well known name in the beauty community, and for good reason. As most of my clients know already, I am the biggest advocate for Olaplex which is why I have built it into all of my prices.

So here I'm going to explain why.


What does it do?

Olaplex got its reputation for being the first successful bond builder on the market. It became a scientific breakthrough for hairdressers.

To understand this better I'm going to explain a little bit about hair damage. There are three main ways hair becomes damaged:

1. Mechanical - Over brushing, too much tension.

2. Chemical - Bleaching, colouring, perming, etc.

3. Heat - Straightening, curling, blowdrying, not using heat protection.

All of these methods mean the bonds that make up our hair, get broken causing damage.

Olaplex works by multiplying the bonds in the hair, to repair hair from the inside out and essentially reverse damage!


What about cheaper alternatives?

Unfortunately the cheaper alternatives to Olaplex aren't quite as amazing. Since they where the first in the bond building game, they patented their formula and actually won a lawsuit against L'Oreal for an estimated $91 million when they created Smartbond.


How do you use Olaplex?

Olaplex are constantly expanding their range, there are currently 8 steps.

Salon treatments.

No.1 - A salon only treatment that goes into your colour or lightener to prevent damage when colouring.

N0.2 - The next step in salon, this is a treatment we leave on at the backwash after colouring to continue restoring broken bonds.

At home care.

No.0 - Acts as a primer put on before no.3 to intensify the results.

No.3 - An at home pre shampooing treatment to strengthen hair and build bonds.

No.4 - Bond maintenance shampoo, repairs and protects hair from everyday stresses.

No.5 - Bond maintenance conditioner, highly-moisturising and reparative.

No.6 - Bond smoother, a leave in reparative styling creme.

No.7 - Bonding oil, a highly concentrated weightless and reparative oil.


To conclude.

Olaplex is definitely an investment, it is an expensive and luxury product but in my opinion it is worth every penny. Especially if you are wanting to up your haircare game.

I have seen this stuff resurrect some of the most damaged hair (including my own!)

Which is why I build it into all of my colouring prices and retail the at home range for you to purchase at your appointments.


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