Do you feel like your hair never grows?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Does your hair never seem to get any longer even though you feel like you're constantly at the salon getting your roots done? If you've ever asked yourself this question, I'm going to answer that for you.


What are the causes?

1. Your hair is breaking off faster than it’s growing. In this case your hair is most likely quite brittle or sensitised. This could be caused by excessive heat damage, chemical damage or mechanical damage which can be from over brushing or applying too much tension to your hair.

2. Your hair naturally has a short growth cycle.

There are 3 stages to the hairs growth cycle; anagen, catagen and telogen. The anagen phase is the active growing phase which can last anywhere between 3-5 years on average, some peoples may even be up to 7 years. This explains why some people's hair, even if it is completely healthy, will never grow past a certain length. And why others may be capable of growing past their waists.


So what can you do?

For damaged hair.

If your hair is breaking the best way to help it grow is regular haircuts. By trimming the ends of your hair every 4-6 weeks you remove any split ends which prevents them splitting further up the hair shaft and causing breaking higher up the high.

You can also invest in products and in salon treatments like Olaplex (If you haven't already check out my article on why Olaplex is the best!) This will improve the condition of your hair and prevent further damage.

For short growing hair.

So you're already doing all you can for your hairs health but it just doesn't want to grow any more, what can you do?

Fortunately, studies have found there are some ways you can encourage your hair to grow faster during its anagen phase.

  1. Increase your vitamin intake - Specifically Vitamin E.

  2. Eat food rich in biotin - eg. Avocados, bananas, oats and sweet potatoes.

  3. Use coconut oil - Coconut oil not only makes your hair feel super soft, its also been proven to stimulate hair growth.

  4. Use a silk/satin pillowcase - This will protect your hair while you sleep to avoid breakage and help your hair reach its full potential length.


I hope you found this helpful and has answered some of your questions! Thank you for reading.


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